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To all of the supporters

Some may have noticed that we have not been posting many things. There have been many things going on lately, so time to fill you guys in…

Let’s start by reinforcing that Tim Hamilton is no longer part of Gearheadzzz Automotive and has not been for a long time. So, if you are being told that he is LYING like ALWAYS, HE IS GOOD AT IT!

Gearheadzzz will be reopening under a new name and location. 

 We were located at 2100 W Enterprise Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, until our landlord Rick, Jerry, and Karen Runyon decided to illegally change the locks on the property because I could not make it to the shop to cut down “weeds” because of an accident I was involved in.


Rick also sold property that did not belong to him through a third party Josh Dill. 


We are currently involved in a legal battle with the Runyon’s. If you happen to be a person they screwed over drop us a line. Trust and Believe we are not like everyone else they have screwed over.